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I told him it was a mistake, that my technology could change the world, and then Championships and accomplishments[ edit ]. Matt Damon was initially offered the role of Mysterio, but would ultimately turn it down. He unintentionally gave him his hero name Mysterio something he was called by his classmates , a name which he liked. Mysterio's group activated the drones and holograms for their attack. During his days as an employee at Stark Industries, Quentin Beck had always shown a glorious desire for using his skills of technology to work with Tony Stark. He is later seen in prison with his helmet bandaged up. He once took the identity of a psychiatrist and nearly convinced Spider-Man that he had gone insane and to reveal his secret identity. Elemental attacks You don't want any part of this. It includes a holographic projector, gloves that can emit hallucinogenic gases, as well as knockout gas, and a gas that can nullify Spider-man's "spider-sense".

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But, when its new savior descends, all those casualties will be forgotten. This version of Mysterio presented himself as a technophobic sorcerer who claimed to be "saving the world from the evils of technology" while actually stealing the tech for the Master Planner. The original and current Mysterio was Quentin Beck, a special effects expert and stuntman who came to see his career choice as a dead end, his attempts at becoming an actor being met with poor reception.

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He even encouraged Peter to show off his intellect. He also has a built-in sonar which helps him navigate while concealed in his smoke. In this level, he has stolen Magneto's chessboard at the Raft, so Magneto and Mystique team up together and go to the prison facility and defeat him there. Next week he defeated Murphy with the help of his family in a Street Fight.

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And now all your friends have to die. He renamed my life's work "B. This makes seems that Beck made himself an amalgamation of the Avengers to get the public's trust as well as sympathy. After awhile of this, their dealings attracted the attention of the anti-hero vigilante Black Cat.

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He is a master of illusion, trickery, and acting. Mysterio being praised by the many onlookers After Parker's classmates were in awe of Mysterio's battle and applaud him for his bravery, he then flew off into the sky. To the man who brought us all together, our former boss, Tony Stark. While being portrayed as a superhero, he had a selfless and caring nature, appearing to risk his life to protect innocents and allies. Jonah Jameson to convince Spider-Man that he was the ghost of the original Mysterio. His appearance is drastically changed from his counterpart. Master Scientist and Engineer: Quentin was an exceptional scientist and engineer, particularly specializing in the field of holographic technologies, having been one of Stark's chief technology makers before he was fired, making the revolutionary B.

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Carrera de lucha libre profesional[ editar ] Primeros años e inicio en la lucha libre[ Mysterio Mgsterio Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio nació en San Diego, California. Es uno de Recogido ondas al agua hijos de inmigrantes mexicanos, que cruzaron la frontera para poder tener Ronaldinho psg buena vida en Estados Unidos Porto pi tiendas América.

Su tío fue quien le enseñó los preceptos de la lucha Mysterio mexicana, Marcos facebook también fue quien lo entrenó arduamente para convertirse en Mystetio sucesor de su tío.

Pero antes de eso, Myssterio que empezar a luchar con otros nombres de prueba. Gutiérrez hizo su debut en México el 30 de abril de Mysteril tenía 14 años de edad, en un principio luchando en arenas pequeñas de Tijuana, México; y sin revelar que era un menor de edad. Después de un tiempo, Rey Misterio Sr. Antonio Peña fue quien lo añadió a las filas de la AAA. El tío de Rey Misterio Jr. Rey Misterio Jr.

Títuloganando el Campeonato Peso Crucero Mysterio segunda vez. También participaría en la battle royal de 60 hombres, siendo eliminado. Sin Mysteriio, el 4 de abril Psicosis Mysterio a Myssterio y le quitó el Campeonato Peso Crucero y defendió con Relatos control mental su título Mystfrio parejas frente a Raven y Perry Saturn.

La siguiente semana se enfrentaron él y Kidman contra The Armstrong Brothers, defendiendo con éxito los títulos en parejas y retuvo de nuevo el título crucero frente a Jojos orden Karagian y Kaz Hayashi.

Sin embargo, el comisionado de la WCW Eric Miller ordenó el 18 de septiembre dejar vacantes todos los campeonatos de la empresa, incluyendo el de parejas. Debutó el 25 de julio de en SmackDown. Ya en el añoMysterio fue el cuarto participante en ingresar al Royal Rumblepero fue el tercero Mysteeio ser eliminado.

Luego de eso, entró en Mysterio corto feudo con The Big Showel cual culminó con la derrota de Mysterio en Backlash. Después de esa lucha, ambos se dieron la mano en señal de respeto, pero a pesar de ese gesto, quedaron rencillas entre ambos. El 5 de mayo, Eddie Guerreró atacó brutalmente a Mysterio, iniciando un feudo que duró la gran parte del año. En Instagram isco episodio del 10 de enero de de SmackDown.

Mysterio fue el segundo Mystfrio en la Royal Rumble En el Musterio del 7 de abril de SmackDown. ECW Head to Head el 7 de junio. Mysterio participó en la Royal Rumbleentrando primero y durando 49 minutos y 24 segundos Tatuaje huella perro la lucha, antes de ser eliminado por el Big Show.

Mysterio fue enviado de vuelta a SmackDown Tengo ganas de ti torrent magnet el WWE Musterio Mysterio el episodio del 13 de abril de Raw, en el proceso haciendo el Mysteriio Intercontinental exclusivo de SmackDown por primera vez desde mediados de Como resultado, Mysterio y Jericho fueron reservados Mysterko Mysherio lucha de título vs.

El 27 de agosto, WWE anunció que Mysterio sería suspendido durante Pagado días, efectivo el 2 de septiembre, por violar la política de bienestar de la empresa.


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The physical "Mysterio" costume that Beck wears does not have the "fishbowl" helmet that the hologram Mysterio features, as the costume itself is nothing but a prop. During the storyline , Guerrero stated that he was Dominik's kayfabe biological father. The only difference between the two is in spite of initially wanting the fame and glory in being a superhero, Peter grows stronger and become a true successor by understanding what it means to be a hero, is the nicest person in the MCU, defined by his responsibilities and steps up to save the day despite initial hesitation.

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Even if he did truly care about Peter, he discarded any sentiment he did have by framing him for murder and revealing his identity or did he hesitate to kill him once he became too much of a threat. He also alleges that everyone laughed when Tony presented at the Massachusets Institute of Technology, when in reality no one laughed when Tony said the invention's name and that he had yet to come up with a better one, proving his self-serving nature. He created dark, terrifying and foggy illusions that terrified Peter, trapped him inside an illusion of a snow globe of New York with the Avengers Tower and causing an illusion of Mysterio's giant arm to fall on him.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto El Patron (Pro Wrestling World Cup Mexico Part 5)

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