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Their affair continues and they eventually decide to elope to Manchester. Philip has also been linked to the Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova in the s. Roy dies intestate, leaving Pat bereft and homeless, as Barry — beneficiary of Roy's estate — evicts her, despite Pat's efforts to support Barry and help rebuild his life, after the double blow of his marriage break-up and the death of his father. Pat rings Simon to find out whether he can pay her the money but is left horrified when he tells her his brother David slept with his wife. She and a kind stranger, Len Harker Christopher Ellison , break into Joan's care home and learn that Joan died only a few years earlier after marrying a man with Down's syndrome. Patrick then warns Pat about this, and once Pat finds out that the terms of the loan mean if she misses a payment she could lose her house, she rejects Norman, tells him to leave, and says she never wants to see him again. They were too young, rushing into a difficult life for all the wrong reasons, and truthfully, [Pat] was a vicious shrew

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King George VI was said by courtiers to be furious when he was told about the circulating gossip. Roy believes that Pat has again chosen to support Frank's offspring over his own, and the stress causes Roy's second and fatal heart attack. Joan married Michael, who also had Down's. However, June became pregnant with Frank's child, so Frank married her, breaking Pat's heart.

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He later confronts Pat, angrily threatening her. Animosity between Pat and Pete continues. I said, 'I don't want to disturb you all' - but I did make myself behave!

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Later, David arrives to see Pat but the pair argue and David leaves, David is persuaded to return by Carol. Their determination to find the station is boosted by the realisation that the castle contains plans of British planes stolen by the Nazi agents, which are unwittingly held up by Askey during his broadcast. Janine persuades Pat to have the pacemaker fitted and she makes a full recovery. She runs away, but he chases her and forces his way into her home.

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A desperate Pat turns to Janine and asks for money. David then tells Pat that he forgives her for all the times she let him down when he was a child. But there is no evidence for it. It was in Band Waggon that comparisons were made between she and Betty Grable. Philip later stated in a personal letter that the allegations were the "mythology of the press". Did he cheat his wife Queen Elizabeth II? Leaving the EastEnders 'family' will be akin to a bereavement. She also says that Den is a possibility but later rules Den out and demands that he has sex with her, or she will tell people that he is the father. But, there are lots of stories. When Pat discovers that Ricky and Janine's maternal grandmother, Lydia Simmonds Margaret Tyzack ; Heather Chasen , is staying with Janine, she believes that Janine is only interested in Lydia's inheritance and Janine jokingly admits this to Pat, although a close bond soon forms between Janine and Lydia.

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Pat, who is Janine's alibi, lies to the police and so Janine is implicated as revenge for Barry's death. Pat is touched to discover that Joan often spoke of how much she loved her. The character's introduction was the result of a deliberate policy "to add an extra edge of toughness to the show.

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This shamed her family, particularly her brother Jimmy Alex King , and their relationship suffered. Devoting a whole episode to just two characters is a tactic which has proved successful in the past. Many arguments erupt, but Lou steps in to convince a devastated Pete that Simon is his. When Pat appears in court several months later, she is imprisoned for six months.

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